Brandon’s Southern Baptist father always taught him to be prepared for the Rapture. For Christmas, his mother even sent him a Rapture Kit: bottled water, canned food, a Bible, and a mouthpiece (for the gnashing of teeth). Rebecca is a pre med student who was raised as an atheist. All of a sudden people begin disappearing, the Hudson River turns to blood, and the entire state of Ohio comes down with a bad case of the boils. Brandon grabs Rebecca and tries to make it from New York City to Arkadelphia, Arkansas in hopes of finding the New Jerusalem. Playwright Samuel Brett Williams explores faith, love, and the American landscape in a pitch black comedy about the End Days.


Untethered Theatre Company
Shelterbelt Theatre
Elephant Theatre Company


Boise Contemporary Theatre, Lark Play Development Center, WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory, Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, Ars Nova Out Loud Series (Workshop) (Directed by Evan Cabnet), Partial Comfort Productions (Workshop)


Commissioned by the National New Play Network